Welcome to the World of Ulfrheim

Hello there! Welcome to Felvargs. This is Tittertot!

I see you found your way to our getting started guide. We will take a moment to break down how to aquire your very own Felvarg, and what exactly our game has to offer. Felvargs is not responsible for any belongings stolen by Tittertot, nor will we replace any slobbery items you manage to wrangle back off him!

Welcome to Felvargs, a complex world where the direwolf reigns supreme and mankind is nothing more than a line in an old pup’s tale. Felvargs is a closed-species ARPG (Art Roleplaying Game) owned by Kit and inspired by Norse mythology. Our group focuses on nurturing an environment that inspires character development, interaction, collaboration, and roleplay. With our various activities that are all accompanied by a tangible system of rewards, you will always find something that inspires you to create. We invite you to join a community where you can be heard and influence the course of events; after all, the story of the Felvarg is ongoing.

Before you embark on your adventure into the Ulfrheim, we recommend that you read over the group rule book as well as read a bit more about our Species.

Group Rules

Species Information

Take some notes!

Getting Started
First thing’s first! Did you know our group has a Discord?
With hundreds of players and an entire channel dedicated to helping newbies figure out what they need to know, there’s nothing but benefits in joining. We’re a friendly bunch — our chompers might be big, but we promise not to bite!
When you join, you’ll be greeted by one of our darling welcomers. These are admins dedicated to making your life easier, so please don't hesitate to give them a poke! They will be here to answer any and all questions you may have.

How do I get one?
Obtaining your very first Felvarg is easy, and free. All you need to do is check out our Adoption Center and adopt either a pre-designed approved and already uploaded Felvarg, or a genotype.
What are we?
Why, thank you for asking. Our name: Felvargs. Our mission: to be bigger than life (literally and figuratively). You can read up on all there is to know about us on our species on our Species Hub!
Who are we?
Everyone is shaped by their backstory, and we are no different. We’ve come a long way, and as the days pass we continue to build our lore with community-driven storytelling. If you’d like to read up on our rich and vibrant history of how we came to be and where we are now as an overarching story, feel free to give the lore guide a good, long look!
Where are we?
It’s all about location, location, location. We just so happen to be located in the world of Ulfrheim, where our world consists of three Islands — Ulfrheim, Jörmungandr, and Helvalla. You can read more about these locations and their sublocations, starting on our Locations Database page!
How to Get The Goods!
There are many ways for you to receive your first Felvarg in order to begin exploring Ulfrheim. The best place to start is the Adoption Center, where you can receive a genotype for free! After adopting, you will get to design your Felvarg. If you are in need of assistance with designing your Felvarg, you can reach out to our community for help — another great reason to join our Discord channel.
What Can I do With The Goods?
Our game has a variety of different things to do! Don’t worry — we have a guide for everything and you can explore the website later in your own time. We will break down a list of the various things your Felvarg can participate in, just to give you an idea!
  • Activities
    • The group has dozens of ingame activities that reward loot. We have standard activities, special activities, and even events. All of our activities can be read about in the Activities Hub!
  • Breeding
    • Players can pair and breed their Felvargs to create offspring. Breeding and genetics are one of the fun aspects of an ARPG, and Felvargs boasts a wonderfully detailed and robust breeding system. This is a great way to build your hoard or even begin a storyline with other players! You can find the ins-and-outs of how our breedings work on the Breeding Hub!
  • Roleplay/Storybuilding
    • We are an art roleplay group afterall! We strive to inspire and encourage players to dive head first into our world and story. Our goal is to bring like minded people together to develop their characters in our ever evolving plot. As stated above, a large portion of our community is located on Discord!
  • Packs
    • Create or join a pack with dozens of other players. Packs are a great way to meet other players while reaping the rewards as your pack climbs the ranks and unlocks helpful ingame bonuses. More can be read about packs on the Pack Hub!