Welcome to the World of Ulfrheim

Hello there! Welcome to Felvargs. This is Tittertot!

I see you found your way to our adoption center! Tittertot here has some great news for you, this is where you will get your very own Felvarg, just like him! Getting your first Felvarg is exciting, and while it may seem daunting we will do our best to make it a simple process. You'll be exploring the Island of Ulfrheim in no time!

First thing’s first! The rules!
We know, we know! Rules? Yuck! We promise to keep it sweet and to the point!

  • Each member can only adopt a single Felvarg from the Adoption Center.
  • You may not sell any genotypes obtained in the adoption center, you may however gift or trade the Felvarg once it is uploaded and official.
  • You agree to follow our group rules!
  • Players caught selling the Felvargs they receive from the adoption center in secret will be suspended or even banish from our game.
  • Player DeviantArt accounts must be at least 2 weeks old to adopt from the Adoption Center.

Group Rules

Species Information

Getting Started

Adoption Center
First thing’s first! Did you know our group has a Discord?
With hundreds of players and an entire channel dedicated to helping newbies figure out what they need to know, there’s nothing but benefits in joining. We’re a friendly bunch — our chompers might be big, but we promise not to bite!
When you join, you’ll be greeted by one of our darling Guardians. They are highly experienced admins and have knowledge in every aspect of the game, so please don't hesitate to give them a poke! They will be here to answer any and all questions you may have. Not to mention an entire channel dedicated to just our friendly design admins to answer any questions you have about your new Felvarg!

Okay Tittertot! How do we get one?
There is a few ways you can get your first Felvarg. We will outline them below.!
Adopt a predesigned randomly rolled Felvarg, designed by one of our very own moderators!
Thats right! You can have a Felvarg that has been predesigned by one of Team Felvargs. Crafted just for new players like you! We reccomend this option to people just joining our group or ARPGS in general. Its a great stepping stone into the game to see if you like what we have to offer here.
  • Comment here to claim your predesigned commonly rolled Felvarg. Be sure to include a link to the Felvarg you are claiming and the completed character sheet. The group works on a first come first serve basis!
Please provide the following form filled out in your claim!
Personality: Please provide a 200+ word personality for your Felvarg.

Adopt a randomly rolled common Felvarg genotype!
While we offer new players a completely randomly rolled Felvarg for free, be mindful as a genotype you will need to design your Felvarg within our design guide rules. Do you need help designing your Felvarg? If you comment here someone will lend you a paw!

Drop-off Center
We allow our players to drop off any unwanted genotypes in the Drop-Off Center in exchange for some felcredits.

Nothing here catch your eye?
Did you know you can also purchase, trade or find additional Felvargs? Our Discord channel and group advertisement folders is a great place to look for uploaded Felvargs, genotypes, designers and more! You can even browse uploaded Felvargs players have for trade here, on our Import Database page.
Predesigned Felvargs in the Adoption Center

Unclaimed - 5677

Unclaimed - 5699

Unclaimed - 5710

Unclaimed - 5713

Unclaimed - 6290

Unclaimed - 6293

Unclaimed - 6294

Unclaimed - 6297

Unclaimed - 6397

Unclaimed - 6399

Unclaimed - 6403

Unclaimed - 6405

Unclaimed - 6409

Unclaimed - 6413

Unclaimed - 6565

Unclaimed - 6566

Unclaimed - 6661

Unclaimed - 6662

Unclaimed - 6663

Unclaimed - 6665